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Full Version: Player Classes
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I am tired of being blown up by TNT, and I don't believe exploding people is the solution, plus I'll think I'll never catch up to server pros's speed, so I think you can make different player clases, like those who use TNT alot with slow speed, or some other disavantage, and those who just run, with some advantage, but without the chance of the use on TNT, (and that also mean no mine defusuing, just run)

Or make me any of the staff ranks. Can I fill in a staff application?
You can easily catch up to "the pros".
All it takes is practice and determination.
Tell me how?
Find how you can use tnt the fastest and just continue to try harder. There is always someone who is going to best you, but there is always someone who you are going to get the best of. Just how it works.
Running around while barely using TNT and capping the flag works too. If you just constantly run for the flag while avoiding every other TNTer you can turn the tide of the game ez if everyone else is battling. People who constantly bumrush the flag make me pretty rectum rustled, but I know from experience it can be effective, simply because I've been on the other end of it. Just gotta learn to avoid store and you're golden.
Be invisible!