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Full Version: Map Build Staff App
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Ingame Name: killerninja891
What rank are you applying for? (applications are not accepted for admin+): Moderator or Operator
Age(Not completely Necessary as long as you are older than 10): 24 years old
Staff Reference (at least 1 needed that are VIP+): -
Do you have any experience as Op on other servers? (If so what server(s)?): Yes, mainly on premium. I was staff before.
Why do you think you should be staff?: Well, I would be helping on the server, and having fun wwhile doing it.
Why should we pick you over others?: Because I was staff before nad want to become again.
What kind of staff would you be?: The one that I was, joker-loving.
Are you a regular on the CTF server? Yes
How active will you be? Depending on free time
What is your current rank? CTF Legend
Killer you've applied 3 or 4 times :<