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Full Version: Is God real?
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I just want your opinion, I personally am catholic.
Why are you trying to cause controversy. If you're a Catholic then you know he is. Why does anyone need to validate your belief. Troll post.
I believe in science but I accept other's beliefs. Anything in your mind is true anyways.

Lol shadow, I've seen this question around the internet so much...
I believe he is and I know others may not, but that's up to them. Though if people think he isn't real then there is no purpose to life in my opnion.
The more you study science, the more the proof of God appears.
"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."
I'm agnostic but I tend to lean towards not believing in God. That isn't to say that God does or does not exist, I just personally don't believe in God/any gods. If I did, I don't think I would believe in a god that has human morals/casts judgment based on human-like views. We are like specks of dust on grains of sand on a giant beach. I don't really believe that humanity is important enough to have God solely based around our existence and morals/ethics, nor are humanity important enough to have God in our image. I don't have enough passion about religion to argue about it though, these are just my opinions

sorry im kind of a heathen
I enjoy hearing these responses and rating them just as the God of Chell's mind would. Seemingly randomly, yet actually with deep thought.
I dont believe in god Smile
People are entitled to their opinions and beliefs.
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