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Full Version: Hii
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Hi everyone, I'm Joshim4 aka QuarterPounder now

I'm from India

I've only played CTF about 3-4 years ago

I just joined MB the other day and I really loved the server. The people I met there are really helpful and friendly (like okias and XenonMan) and I enjoyed building things with all the positivity around. I like the challenges of experimenting with blocks while building and I love building on newvaleria (I made a camper van, a tourist bus, a fish restaurant and a cessna so far)

I don't know many people on the server, but I love meeting people and making new friends.
Glad to meet you "for the first time". ^^
oh my i'm flattered
Your plane is pretty damn awesome.
Hay!! You may know me on ZS as Catrina. Welcome to our community Smile
Finally, a new face, was gettin tired of the same old thing. On a more serious note tho, welcome