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Full Version: Mapbuild IRC!!
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After a century, we finally got a mapbuild IRC!!!
God dammit Jack.


Step 1: Click on the link 
Step 2: Where it says "nickname" type in your in-game name
Step 3: Where it says "channel" type in -> #mcctf

If you want a set up to get pinged:
Step 1: Click on "settings" -- it's located on the top right corner
Step 2: Click on "messages" 
Step 3: Find "Custom Highlights (Space Separated) 
Step 4: Type in your names or whatever words (new words spaced out each time)

Quote:-- example: dramaticlove drama dra catrina cat bel op

if anyone on the server types in those key words then they will hear a quiet sound, or get a screen notification (if they set it up)
To get pinged by different noises and louder and what not use a different client. there are many clients out there!