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Full Version: Suggested Changes to /cr
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Since /cr is banned from the tournament, that got me thinking about how it can be changed to make it a more relevant/less "broken" store item.

Here is a list of my suggestions:
  • /cr can no longer team-kill (no trolling/team-killing)
  • /cr can have a possibly random explosion diameter (from 3-9), higher store price, and a cool down of at least 25 seconds (numbers subject to change) (When used, can be very effective or really pointless, adding a risk factor)
  • /cr can store charges over time after it is first bought until it is detonated, meaning only 1 /cr can be bought at a time, having a cool down of at least 25 seconds after detonation until a new /cr can be bought (1-9 possible explosion diameter, duration of 5 minutes to fully charge, diameter charges in this order: 0 minutes = 1 block, 3 minutes = 3 blocks, 4 minutes = 5 blocks, 4.5 minutes = 7 blocks, 5 minutes = 9 blocks) (numbers subject to change) (Becomes more useful over time, making /cr more ideal to save for stalemates, strong plays, or other situations.)
What do you guys think of these suggestions? Leave your feedback in the comments. Also, what do you guys suggest to make /cr more useful or less destructive? (You can't say "just remove it." At least try to be creative.)
I'm in favor of the second point, I like the risk factor to it. The first tho, I have to disagree, it's kinda off a CTF tradition to be able to explode team mates once in a while.
"just remove it" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I personally like /cr the way it is. It really adds to the game. It allows you to kill people when say, you're both swimming underwater, or you have somebody below that you need to jump on, but can't rocket or grenade. I feel it really adds to the game and I get sad when people get butthurt about it. It's a part of the game. I say leave it the way it is.
Yeah, like Jack said, part of the game. I enjoy it, for example if Cat /cr's me, I'm going to try and /cr her back, and back and forth. It kinda becomes a little game within the game. Or if I want to explode Chester, because he is getting inmy nerves, but we're both Blu, I can /cr him.

I don't think /cr would be used by someone, in their right mind of course, in a serious, competitive scenario, like your team losing. The risk factor still seems appealing tho, but just my two cents.
(07-24-2016, 12:56 PM)Waffle Wrote: [ -> ]I don't think /cr would be used by someone, in their right mind of course, in a serious, competitive scenario, like your team losing.

Imagine you're playing in Subway and there are 3 enemies at the entrance to your flag. One can ice in there and /cr for a triple. Essentially, I think it's meant to be used against a crowd of enemies. And it can also be used to enhance your playstyle, Waffle.
I meant as in the trolling aspect, of course I know it can be used as a playstyle, ffs, I made a playstyle out of tagging.
/cr is also extremely useful when you need to get back to your flag NOW. I would definitely make heavy use of it in a tournament if I had the point.s
I do think having a cool-down would be appropriate, as it will prevent people from spamming through either hotkeys or by typing fast. This also could include /gr's aka grenades because I feel as if they can be easily spammed as well, which people may find abusive.
A short cool down I would not oppose. Maybe 3-5 seconds?