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Full Version: CTF Mapbuild Application
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Ingame Name: Potatok
What rank are you applying for? (applications are not accepted for admin+): Moderator
Age(Not completely Necessary as long as you are older than 10): 13. 14 in December
Staff Reference (at least 1 needed that are VIP+): XenonMan, DramaticLove 
Do you have any experience as Op on other servers? (If so what server(s)?): Not on Classic Sharp. But I have been on The newer mine craft. The server was Realm Craft and I was Co-Owner. I do know my way around things but im still a little new on the commands in classicsharp. 
Why do you think you should be staff?: I want to help people when they need to. I love helping in anyway I can. I don't back down from a challenge unless I am forced to. Classic sharp slowly became my favorite game on pc. When i joined the server i was given a way welcome to the server. And that is what made me love this server. I love meeting new people and helping them would be a lot better Big Grin
Why should we pick you over others?: I am a regular on the map build and have loved this server on first join. I put a lot of effort in my builds and I want to be part of the map build family.
What kind of staff would you be?: I am that type of moderator that will be strict if i need to. But i will also be the fun moderator that you want to have help you.
Are you a regular on the CTF server? I first joined on the Jacks mapbuild server and was told that you have a CTF server. I am not very good but i do have a fun time on the server with my friends.
How active will you be? Ill be on when I can especially when I'm needed. I love playing with my friends on the server and I enjoy being on the server.
What is your current rank? Engineer
I'd give it a +1
(07-27-2016, 05:55 PM)jack Wrote: [ -> ]I'd give it a +1

Yay Big Grin