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Full Version: The New Rotation
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Alright, so the time has come for a reworking of our map rotation. I've gone through and made a list including old and new maps that could be included. This list is by no means final and mainly a suggestion/guiding line in case changes are desired.

For regular rotation:

Bonus or More/ Maps:

Discussion is open for now, but eventually the list will be finalized.

I'm suggesting a hard cap at 40 maps maximum.

If you want to make your own arguments for/against maps on/not on this list, feel free.
umm why keep TDM_terra it was terrible
It's slightly better than the other TDM maps. Plus, removing it leaves us with only one TDM map.
I hope that's the old caverns, don't like the newer versions. Also, y u no Arctic? I keel yu. -_- (jk)
The other version of caverns you're thinking of is called Clubhouse, which is definitely not being considered. That is indeed OG Caverns on the list.

And I love Arctic too fam but some people really dislike it. I might add it if nobody minds.
Maps I dont like - Skywars and highway. Maps I think should be added that were not included - Pit, sector9 and diablo (that's all for now).
I have no problem with this list for me. It's just that tdm_terra needs to go.
I'm not a fan of Terra either, but we need some TDM maps to go around and it's slightly not completely garbage.
I would like to see arctic, battle, bespin and dday on the rotation.
Bespin i can agree with and battle.
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