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Full Version: In-game Map Ratings
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I suggest the ability to rate maps in the game, including more/ maps. This allows us to see which maps are popular and which are disliked without asking every person to say their opinion or reply to a thread. Asking people for their opinion through the forums seems to receive almost no feedback, as it can be seen on MarsKid's post about the new map rotation.
Adding this feature and reminding players in game with a server message will allow us to gain at least a basic level of feedback for each map.

With this ability, it is also possible to automatically add or remove maps to or from the official map rotation depending on their ratings. For example, a rating of more than 67% on a more/ map will add it to the rotation while a rating of less than 33% on an official map will remove it from the map rotation.

I highly recommend the first idea as it allows us to make better map rotations and better CTF maps based on each map's rating.
So like the zombie survival voting.

I like this.
Only here you should rate once on a map (zs' rating system lets you vote once every time the map comes up thus bringing inaccurate percentages).
@BkayB Yes obviously.
Done. You can't vote more than once but you can change your rating.
Is there a way to view the map ratings? I can't seem to find the command for that lol
Not yet, the average rating is shown after map voting though.