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Full Version: Several Minor Suggestions
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  • Add a map variable called trueSolidity that signals for blocks listed in solidBlocks to be truly solid and unbreakable, like bedrock (this prevents players from block-glitching through walls). This uses the BlockPermissions extension which can prevent players from placing and deleting certain blocks. Players should not be able to place or remove truly solid blocks.
  • Using the BlockDefinitions extension, make a new block for mines, rockets, grenades, purple, and anything else that has custom physics. If not┬ápossible, then make mines use a different block that is not bright and does not emit light (it currently uses magma, which is always bright and emits light) (optionally, any of those blocks can have custom textures).
  • Make the map divider perfect (red team has a slightly bigger tag territory than blue team).
  • Using the BlockDefinitions extension, make a new block called solidAir that behaves just like regular air, however it is not placeable or destroyable (this uses the BlockPermissions extension). This block can then be placed above the build ceiling and truly prevents anyone from building above the build ceiling (prevents lag-pillaring).
  • Make specs invisible and invincible. They should be visible only to other specs. Make hidden players invincible. They should be visible to other hidden players.
  • Make the water height, water block, side block, clouds height, and weather changeable.
  • Maybe have the ability for each map to have custom textures?
  • Prevent ops from placing unplaceable blocks when they join a team.
  • Instead of using regular blocks for things like grenade and rocket, use entities with block models, preferably the models of custom blocks (requires the ChangeModel extension).