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Full Version: Tactics: Flanking and Brief Introduction to Orbiting
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Accurate placement of TNT is a critical skill to master for aspiring CTF players. However, for most people, accurate TNT placement often translates into what I call "linear placement." In other words, most players deliberately place their TNT directly in front of their opponent and themselves. While this is not at all a bad tactic, it is overused. Good TNT placement should have variation--the placement of your TNT should be unpredictable. CTF is mainly a game of reaction and wit. The same exact placement of TNT challenges neither your opponent's reaction time and wit, and therefore, prolongs battles or degenerates battles into a game of luck and whoever can place TNT faster and better. That's why I want to share with you all one of the many tactics I use when playing CTF: flanking.

In war, "flanks" refer to the sides of your of your opponent's army. Often in warfare, armies attempt to flank each other by deliberately moving troops to the extreme left or right of the opposing army's current deployment. This is a simple, yet proven strategy that we can apply to CTF and, more specifically, TNT placement.

When confronting an enemy, first make sure to keep a relatively comfortable distance away from your opponent. Do not let your opponent advance; keep him or her at bay. Next, as both of you begin placing your TNTs, place your first TNT to either the extreme left or right of your opponent. (For right-handed players, I suggest placing your TNT to your extreme left first; for left-handed players, place the TNT on your right.) Next, as you move around, observe how your opponent reacts and, more importantly, where he or she moves. If your opponent moves away from your TNT on the extreme left by moving towards your right, then you have trapped your opponent into your tactic. As your opponent begins moving right, explode your first TNT, and place your next TNT to the right or extreme right, just in front of your opponent's predicted movement course. Be patient and explode the TNT when your opponent moves into the blast zone and before he or she can react.

Now, if you're opponent performs the correct counter by moving around your first TNT on the extreme left by moving left then match his movement by moving to your right. Circle around your TNT and use your TNT as a shield to prevent him from getting too close. This movement is what I call "Orbiting." If you wish, you can also apply the flanking once again by placing your second TNT further left, in front of your opponent. Be aware that this is a risky decision.

Hope this helps some of you. If you have any questions, please ask me them when I'm on CTF. Thanks!
Rename "Orbiting" to "aborting".