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Full Version: CTF Dueling League
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Most of us have at least seen one CTF Tournament in the past. Often, these events place greater emphasis on team battles than on individual fights. Additionally, tournaments often last only a few days or weeks during the summer. In the coming years, large team-based tournaments may be harder for this community to host. That is why I propose that this community develops a one-on-one dueling league that has both a winter and summer season. 

The league would begin with all participating players beginning in the qualifying stage, where players must win at least three out of six of their duels in order to move on to the official elimination rounds. If a player does not win at least three of his or her duels, then the player is eliminated from the league for the rest of the season and can not advance to the eliminations rounds. During the elimination round, the best of four players will be selected to move on to the semi-finals. This means that the four players with the most wins will move on to the semi-finals. Before the semi-finals, all four of the remaining players will be placed into a free-for-all duel. The single winner of this free-for-all will determine the match order of the semi-final rounds. During the semi-finals, each player must win the best of seven duels against another opponent, in order to advance to the finals. Once two finalists remain, the two remaining players must win the best of fifteen duels in order to win the seasonal league. The finals will last three days--each day consisting of five duels. 

To ensure fairness, a referee will observe each and every duel. Each duel will have a time limit of thirty minutes and will consist of five rounds. A duel is won when a player wins the best of the five rounds. If neither player conclusively wins a duel within the allotted thirty minutes, the duel will go to sudden death, in which the player who gets the first kill automatically wins the entire duel.
Put me in, coach.
(Also, as they forums are not frequented as frequently, I would suggest to all who see this to spread the word to older CTF players)
Oh this is somewhat recent. Sureeeeeeee.
You can't use bigtnt though so you're out
(12-28-2016, 12:50 AM)Mars Wrote: [ -> ]You can't use bigtnt though so you're out

I just got burned.