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Full Version: Dissonance Audio Drama(tic)
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In case anyone still checks these, I'm gonna put a link to this podcast I've been writing


Here's a short description
The world ended in a fiery inferno of war and destruction, but that isn’t really what this story is about. Far in the future, Indigo, a traveling bard, listens to his father’s radio which broadcasts a station from the past. As he listens to ancient satire and tries to laugh ironically along, events are unfolding elsewhere. Yarrow, part-scientist, part-archaeologist, part-gardener, and full-time documenter, thinks about searching for her missing parents. Little do they know, they have been set on a collision course that may change their lives and even the past forever.

Pls check us out, you can follow us on iTunes, Google Play, soundcloud and the like. 

Also - I wanna play some CTF soon, when can we get that back alive?
We can play CTF when more people actually have time to play and something that will motivate us to come back.
I'm down sometime.

Also, eo2. There is so much javascript on the website. Makes me not wanna be there Sad
god just go to the soundcloud

Good luck finding any modern website that doesn't overuse JavaScript. Except for mine of course!
We really do need to find a time to get together and CTF!
So when is this happening?