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Full Version: operator app
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Ingame Name: jimmy2555
How long you've been on the server: i first played ctf in 2011 but i'm not sure when i started playing on this serverĀ specifically
Age: 16
Reference (at least 1 needed): __Crowley__
Do you have any experience as Op on other servers?: on some minecraft premium servers
Why do you think you should be op?: because no one does anything with op anyways
[Image: lkpaBhoiRxOmEaCSI__iOA.png]
-1 i wanted to be a refrence -.-
(07-27-2017, 02:57 PM)shadow5478 Wrote: [ -> ]-1 i wanted to be a refrence -.-

YOU DIDNT TELL ME but i can still add you :^)
(I'll give u money btw) 5 dollars.
YO SEND ME SOME MONEY paypal.me/jimmy2555