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-Story Telling- - Magic102 - 01-07-2014

Heres what you do in "Story Telling".

You write a story continueing the person aboves you's story. You must only give 2 sentences. You may not post 2 times in a row and your story must be relevant to the plot you are creating. You may go crazy with the story. Such as a zombie apocalypse or something.


Poster 1 - My friend came to my house one day and had to tell me a secret. He said it was about something outside.

Poster 2 - The friend's name was Larry and the secret he told me was about a new game. He had said he invented it and needed my help for making the game released in-secret.


So I'll start.


I walked outside one day to see the sun rising in the far east and the birds chirping as usual. It was a parfect day to go in to the city.

RE: -Story Telling- - Firetrout - 01-07-2014

Suddenly the sun blinked out of existence. Then there was two.

RE: -Story Telling- - jack - 01-10-2014

Two HUGE trees falling from the sky trying to crush me. I scurried out of the way.

RE: -Story Telling- - Firetrout - 01-10-2014

Then there was a necrobump. It died.

RE: -Story Telling- - jack - 01-13-2014

NOOOOOO NOT THE NECROBUMP I screamed. Then started to walk off but fell into a pit of boners.

RE: -Story Telling- - Firetrout - 01-13-2014

Then you climb out using that ladder you just found. Then you fall back in.

RE: -Story Telling- - Makoto - 01-14-2014

And you find a note on the ground, the note stated from the man who lived under a rock, somewhere in the sea, it states:

"There once was an ugly barnacle and he was so ugly that every one died, the end."

RE: -Story Telling- - T97 - 01-14-2014

^ Only it wasn't the end because Makoto used four sentences. In fact, it was only the beginning.

RE: -Story Telling- - Makoto - 01-14-2014

(mfw i didn't read the rules, i edited it)

RE: -Story Telling- - Firetrout - 01-14-2014

And so, Makoto admitted he didn't read the rules. The Middle.