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May we R.I.P - DaBoss* - 09-21-2014

Classic has ended premium has tooken over, Microsoft recently bought Minecraft, all the moments we had Heart gone.. But, some of us moved on for career's, college, etc. But we will always remember our times being In the top 100 top 10 or top 1000, and most of all our friends, and teams, we will always remember our time as noobs Confused. May CTF R.I.P and our memories, Farewell my friends. Heart Undecided :P Undecided.

I now play on a popular server Pika-Network, I made a staff application on there forums, Its going well. I am also a PvPer, Raider, Tnt'er, and somewhat of a builder my minecraft name Is Destruction2601 but they call me Dessy Big Grin. What about you guys? Whats up?

If you'd like to Join the server and find me do /msg Destruction2601 [msg] https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCAQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pikacraft.eu%2F&ei=1YggVMuZJNKTyATyp4Io&usg=AFQjCNGlGUSZpwErsRa3tChzKfhesDUV_Q&bvm=bv.75775273,d.b2U forum name Is Dessy Wink

RE: May we R.I.P - Firetrout - 09-21-2014


RE: May we R.I.P - jack - 09-28-2014

Dude I played with Baerchen today. So not quite FULLY dead yet. Though would be nice if more people played

RE: May we R.I.P - jack - 10-02-2014

On the 1st of Oct there were 6 people on playing at 1 time. 7 If you count maxi refusing to play... something about a chromebook.

RE: May we R.I.P - Magic102 - 10-02-2014

Its not my fault. Chromebooks can't run .exe files. Which means no java. Which means no play.

RE: May we R.I.P - jack - 10-02-2014

Seriously? No .exe files? Are you sure it's a computer and not a tablet? And yes it kind of is your fault. lol. You chose to buy a Chromebook.

RE: May we R.I.P - Jacob_ - 10-02-2014

You can install Linux on a Chromebook.

RE: May we R.I.P - jack - 10-03-2014

Ah there you go! Linux works with just about everything.

RE: May we R.I.P - Magic102 - 10-03-2014

Lel. Im no tech genius but ill try.

I still wont be able to play. there is no right click C:
No buttons. Just slide. D:

and for the tablet thing, no its not. But it is touchscreen. Fun

And no, I got this thing brand new from an auction at BestBuys ($25 usd)

At least I have faster nternet now. 13 megs per second. O3O.
I also have Xbox Live nowz x3

I can try to get skype working too.

RE: May we R.I.P - jack - 10-05-2014

You should...