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mapbuild - jack - 05-27-2015

Screw MCDzienny... I'm going to keep hosting MCForge on my laptop for the time being until I can my third computer to host it 24/7. The only problem with that is I don't have it yet and it is still running Windows XP... So I'll have to fix both of those problems before it is 24/7. Sorry about this.

RE: mapbuild - eo2 - 05-27-2015

Cool beans

RE: mapbuild - waffleninja6000 - 05-27-2015

Da hell yu mean 'cool beans' dafaq outta hea eo...It some old, cold, with mold-ass beans...and they don't even have rice or mole to the side...That some Bullshit Jack...Fix tha shit mofo...Yu got twu modafuckin days...Damn it...

RE: mapbuild - eo2 - 05-28-2015

how about cool waffles then

RE: mapbuild - shadow5478 - 05-28-2015

Waffle, we've discussed this. Bruh, pls.