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Mumble - jack - 08-18-2015

There is a mumble server for those of you who don't have skype but have mumble *cough* bkayb *cough* so if you don't have mumble you can get it. It's better than skype in that you can have team channels and talk to just people on your team while playing. So go to www.mumble.com and download the client.

If you did not create a certificate for authentication with the mumble server (used if you want to be an admin or if you don't want people to steal your username and impersonate you) please follow this guide


Once you create a certificate and setup audio, click on the server dropdown box and select connect.


Next In the bottom bar click on "Add New..."


In the popup window here are what the fields should be:


Label: You can put whatever you want in label
Address: persignum.com
Port: 64738
Username: Whatever you want your name to be

Click OK and connect to the mumble server!


Join whatever channel you like!

Happy mumbling!

RE: Mumble - shadow5478 - 08-18-2015

JACKKKK ommmggg pls.

RE: Mumble - waffleninja6000 - 08-18-2015

Wut....I got lost....So how does the mumble server tie into that ( I a visual person not a verbal one...sorry)


RE: Mumble - jack - 08-18-2015

Should I add screen shots?

RE: Mumble - killerninja891 - 08-19-2015

Joined and am in it! No sound tho lol