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When are you on? - BkayB - 10-10-2015

When are you on the CTF server? All appropriate details, circumstances as to when you hop on would be nice to see.

RE: When are you on? - Bacon - 10-10-2015

k i only get 3 days to play ctf Friday, Saturday ,Sunday. on Fridays i get on about 4:30 PM UTC then Saturdays early in morning around 8-9 depending when i wake up (hopefully c; ) to any amount of time because i go out or i relax because none is on, then Sundays 8-10 to 4PM then that cycle goes on i only get to go on week days during school break so YEAH

RE: When are you on? - Crowley - 10-10-2015

I haven't been on recently because just haven't been on my computer at all and doing shit with friends but I'll try be on

RE: When are you on? - maybe_a_chicken - 10-10-2015

I'm not really, I just roam the forums and occasionally join the server. Life's got me busy.

RE: When are you on? - jack - 10-16-2015