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Official 2016 CTF Tournament Thread - XenonMan - 07-18-2016

Welcome to the 2nd Summer CTF Tournament 2016!

BRACKET - http://challonge.com/oquc1gp2

This is the official thread for discussion of the 2016 tournament. You can find the previous tournament thread here: https://buildism.net/mc/showthread.php?tid=780

This post will contain all the necessary information regarding the tournament.

Small History

A tournament idea was thrown around last year, so the community organized together and played for 1st. A few mishaps occured in the first tournament, so we're hoping that this year's will be much better.


Current date set is 7/30, 1:00 PM CST for The Scared Dildos vs Team WJGTA
This date is still changable, but players have to discuss if there's a more better and appropriate time.


The event will be livestreamed at https://www.twitch.tv/boojerm

If twitch is down, we're going to hitbox: http://www.hitbox.tv/TITMASTERFUK


Mel's Team

The Scared Dildos

Bud Cult


The Organizing Team
Tentative Referees - 2k10, waffle

If you want to create a team, find at least 4 other people to join you, and post your team name and members in this thread. If you want to join a team, consult any member of the desired team you want to join.

Important: Be sure to send me a 200x200 image of your team emblem. It's also optional to don team skins, so it's helpful for commentators differentiating during actual games.

1.) All players must start inital matches with 0 store points.
2.) Tournament mode must be true.
3.) No spectators allowed besides referees and commentators.
4.) All teams must have 5 active players during a match. (5v5)
5.) /cr is banned until the tournament is over.


  1. Alley
  2. Factory
  3. KOTF
  4. Central
  5. Basin
  6. Darkpassage
  7. Deathmatch
  8. Reactor
  9. Outpost
  10. Highway

  1. Stadium
  2. Industries
  3. Arena
  4. Arena_New
  5. Metro
  6. Pits
  7. Subway
  8. Desert
  9. Fort
  10. Haarp

This is a tentative list subject to change at any time before the tournament.

We are going to use the map picking system based on Smash tournaments.

-How map picking works-

1.) Players from opposing teams play Rock Paper Scissors for map banning. The winner gets to ban the first map, the loser gets to choose team color.

(Mel and Bkay play RPS. Mel picks Rock, Bkay picks scissors. Mel gets to ban the first map, Bkay chooses red team.)

2.) Teams alternate banning maps from the starter/neutral pool, starting with the team that won RPS.

(Mel bans Arena, Bkay bans bases ... Mel bans subway, then the match will be held in fort)

3.) The team that loses the match can pick any map in the entire pool, including the map last played.

(Mel's team lost on fort, so his team chooses to play on fort again)

4.) The team that wins 2 games total, wins. (Best of 3)

-Playing RPS in CTF-
1.) Team captains face opposite directions from each other.
2.) Each captain places a block that represents rock, paper, and scissors)
2.a) Stone = rock, Paper = white wool, Scissors = rope
3.) Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock


1.) Games will be 40 minutes long.
1.a) WIN CONDITION - If there is a 2 point difference after 40 minutes, the team with the 2 point lead wins the match. (tennis rule)
2.) Sudden death is reached after 40 minutes and there is no 2 point difference.
2.a) Store is disabled during sudden death.
2.b) WIN CONDITION - The first team to capture 1 flag during sudden death wins the game. There is no time limit during sudden death.
3.) All teams must have 5 active players during a match.
3.a) In the event of a sub-in, all present active players must cease all movement and actions for the sub to take place. The game resumes when the sub is properly replaced. Referees are allowed to kick any that continue to move.
4.) WIN CONDITION - The first team to score 5 captures before 40 minutes wins the game.
5.) Teams may forfeit after 20 minutes.

If there are any other questions not covered in this post, talk to me, 2k10, or MarsKid.

RE: Official 2016 CTF Tournament Thread - Ban - 07-18-2016

Scared Dildo's!!!!! WOOHH!

RE: Official 2016 CTF Tournament Thread - BkayB - 07-19-2016

Hypeeeee!!! Just, wdym by Starter/Neutral and Counterpick maps?

RE: Official 2016 CTF Tournament Thread - WorldShowOFF - 07-19-2016

WJGTA! Big Grin

RE: Official 2016 CTF Tournament Thread - XenonMan - 07-19-2016

(07-19-2016, 02:14 AM)BkayB Wrote: Hypeeeee!!! Just, wdym by Starter/Neutral and Counterpick maps?


They're terms used in Super Smash Bros. tournaments. In this context, Starter/Neutral maps are maps that can only be played in the first game. The team that lost the first game can pick a counterpick map to "counter" the other team, but the losing team can also pick the same map used in the first round again.


RE: Official 2016 CTF Tournament Thread - BkayB - 07-19-2016

My personal availability:
- 4am till 6am; 8am till 5pm CST
- Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays

Specific days where I won't (always) be available:
- 26'th July till 1'st August

- 10'th till 15'th August (I will probably be available the 10'th, 11'th and/or 14'th just for the tourney)

If these coincide with tourney times and dates, great. If not

RE: Official 2016 CTF Tournament Thread - BkayB - 07-21-2016

Team Acheron we propose to you the following for our match-up: 4th or 5th August at 3PM CST.

RE: Official 2016 CTF Tournament Thread - DramaticLove - 07-21-2016

Here is our team 200x200 emblem http://imgur.com/a/keSpd

RE: Official 2016 CTF Tournament Thread - Mel321 - 07-21-2016

Adding Marskid to our team.

RE: Official 2016 CTF Tournament Thread - DramaticLove - 07-23-2016

For Bkay http://imgur.com/a/L9SC9