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Thank you - BkayB - 08-10-2016


After nearly 6 years of playing Minecraft I've decided that now's the time for me to move on in life. I've met so many people, I've learnt so many things from them, I've had so much fun with them. It's indescribable, what I've lived these six years.

But I feel like now's when I continue and start anew elsewhere, it's what I know is best for me from this moment on. That being said, discovering Minecraft will have definitely been for me one of the biggest moments of my life Big Grin On that note I wish the best for you all and bid you all farewell.

Thank you.

RE: Thank you - __Gambit_ - 08-10-2016

See you in 2 weeks  Big Grin

RE: Thank you - Random Guy - 08-10-2016

I guess that tournament match will never happen, but anyways, it was nice to know you Bkay.
You've been a dedicated CTF'er to us, logging on when people aren't on, like me :^)
Thanks for your time and dedication to the CTF server!

RE: Thank you - Classic - 08-10-2016

This can't be real.. What about the plans we had for the tourney D: you even designed our skins to match as a team.

RE: Thank you - 2k10 - 08-10-2016

Shame to see you go Bkay. Doubtless to say, you will be missed and not forgotten. However, I imagine we will be here for sometime to come and if you choose to return, you will always be welcome Smile

RE: Thank you - Mars - 08-10-2016

You'll be back lol

But best of luck.

RE: Thank you - DramaticLove - 08-10-2016

I'm wishing the best of luck with you Bkay! Smile

RE: Thank you - Crowley - 08-11-2016

Awww goodbye bkay. Its been great fun playing with and against you down the years

RE: Thank you - Cheesse - 08-11-2016

Hey, I hope you do well on your future endeavors. And don't be afraid to stop by sometime and get rekt by your lack of skill, the community will hopefully stay intact until then. Smile