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Full Version: Post your shoes! {Sneaker heads}
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What kind do you have or what's your favorite? Here's mine


Shadow are you okay? What if people get horny over these shoe fetish foot thing... It's going to be your fault.

i bought them because they look like vaginas


[attachment=175] my slipper! fuck everyone's sneakers Smile
I never understood the foot fetishes people get...For meh it's when a girl has some upper arm fat, some not lik a shit load...It just looks rite....All smooth n stuff....
taking colored person to a whole new level

[Image: K4Ke8zi.jpg]
Catrina showed me the shoes she wears on her runs
Jeremy wtf those shoes are not correctly organized by colour....lik wtf....
[Image: qlwjsZ6.jpg]
[Image: m9CaYym.jpg]
You don't know bout that toms life
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