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Full Version: Acheron vs. Jacob_'s Team
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Morgie, If you read what I said, 2 people from both teams would be making the 3rd map. And plus, We are waiting for Acheron's response. It's your choice. For all we could really care we could wait another month, two, or three.

If you want to criticize anything, then try to not get your team to participate. Otherwise, whatever.

All of this is just plans for if you do accept. It's your choice.
I feel left out D:
(Rooting for Jacobs_, as they are the underdogs)
I love how no one responds to the idea of a faction war instead of a ctf battle.
Hey can I please be on the team in the past I been losing my skill D:.

But if let me be reserve or defense and let me have a big moment on this Server War. Also I been on this server for yrs now I know the maps learning the new maps now but plsease.

It will be awesome hear me out please I will make u proud guys.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Team Name: Mighty Jacob's

A map maybe: Battle,Outpost,Python Or Fort
I have to admit, seeing a competition like this will be fun for both sides. So there is really no down-side to not attending or having it. As far as I know, Jacob_'s Capture the Flag is the only server that has been active for a few months now. Seeing as the server is also has a portion of Acheron's players, there's really not reason to go against such a competition.

As far as I'm concerned, we're being generous as it comes to the server, code, maps, and a formal outline of the whole competition. Surely, there needs to be compromise and equality between both groups, so, if there is unfairness, then both teams will have to compromise eventually if they want this to happen. From what I heard, Jacob_ is planning a special coded server for the event. Maps are taken out and being made from both sides, if Acheron is generally unhappy with this, then let them make some maps for the event.

That said, if there's any further disrespect like I've already seen around the server logs and forums, I respectfully will want for us to withdrawal our preparations of the event. We don't need an instigator going around the forums and disrespecting our best efforts to bring together ctf players (since there less people playing today, compared to years ago).

Hopefully the event will continue and be successful.
Personally, I don't see a point in this competition. The old tournament was created to give the CTF community some exposure, plus rejuvenating it with new players. (I'm assuming Eddie didn't do it for some evil scientist reason) As far as I'm concerned, this 'contest' was just created because you guys are still bitter about losing to Acheron in the CTF tournament.

None of the teams Acheron played were really a team in my eyes. We were true to our roots, while the other teams constantly subbed in players (30Sec, Crea, etc) purely because they wanted to win. We rarely changed our team throughout the tournament. The majority of you only wanted to win; never hesitating to boot one of your players just to get an edge. We're a victim of circumstances here, which has caused the group of you to form a 'team'. Why do you guys want to go against us when the only reward would be bragging rights? Maybe Acheron won because we were the only true team.

Another thing that plagued the old tournament was the issue of integrity. (I can supply WOM logs if any of you decide to challenge my memories.) As stated above, you guys were really cut throat with your team. You disbanded your team for a chance at a title. Tell me, which is more important? In the actual matches, I can recall a few incidents where the other teams abused bugs to get an edge. In one instance, a player repeatedly killed one of our lagged out players to get points. This is against the rules in normal CTF, so there is absolutely no excuse as to why the bug was abused. On the same map (and possibly the same game) after an Acheron victory, players vehemently suggested that a player of ours was hacking because she (Chelliephant) was tnt jumping. The amount of "REMATCH", "HAX", and "LAG" whined about in this game proves that most people can't even handle a competition. In yet another instance, a player (bwinter) captured the flag after they died with it. As you all know, this was another bug.

To close this all out, I'm going to say this; I don't really want to play a match against overly prideful users that are binded together purely by their desire to win. The fact that some of them are less than virtuous doesn't exactly fuel my nonexistent desire to play, either.
Honestly, I didn't really know about the details of the first competition since I was not present at the time. But what more reason to try to get along? Surely at what I see now, things seem to be as petty as ever. This could be another shot at both of the groups to show their growth and maturity. (I'm not using words to include myself in Jacob_'s, at my perspective, I have no opinions or am favorable toward other groups). And about the shit talkers: every community is going to have shit talkers, what happened then could have happened at other respective points of times on Jacob's forums or his server, it's not appropriate to just make a generalization of a broad, diverse group of people, just by looking at one point of time. I mean, I'm not judging Acheron by Morgie's words and actions. I feel like the event could really be beneficial to both sides, be it, winner or loser.
This was actually a later tournament, but it pretty much sums up competition around here.

Maximumride67, post: 10815, member: 2994 Wrote:I made this for fun btw. I just wanna have some fun. Why take that away anyway? xD

I would like to have a winner but the most important part is having fun. Even if it fails, I'll try to fix it and hopefully we will continue in due time.

LimeFrog, post: 10817 Wrote:Yet you're in a tream of tryhard elitists who are trying so bad to win ...

doesn't really look like playing for fun .. more like for winning to me : I

(This is a quote from Acheron forums, btw. http://acherongaming.com/threads/galaxy-...836/page-2 )
We have a mostly new batch of players this time. It is going to be different.
You do realize we remember the player list from last tourney, and we can see the one you have now? You know this, right?
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