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Full Version: Acheron vs. Jacob_'s Team
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Yes, yes I do.
It's not like whenever there's a competition, people don't also play to win. True, Magic makes it seems like she wants to win, as do most of the players in any given competitive format. Honestly, if you guys are really that against playing, then so be it. I'm not forcing anybody to play, I'm just trying to work out the kinks between the groups.

By the way: In my opinion, playing CTF on a regular basis is no different from playing in any other competitive event.
- You're still players.
- By being players, you automatically are implied to play to win, some more than others, some who just like to troll.
- By playing more, you're being an elitist of your own self, thus practicing makes you a lot better.

On the inverse, it's also true that Jacob_'s lost. There is also no shame to admitting a defeat and wanting a rematch. At least in my opinion, the facts are simple. Jacob's lost, they want to play again (For fun or to win). Acheron won, and are still winners to this day.

This is the exact pettiness that I'm talking about. It seems like we both look down upon each other, thinking each other is the inferior, when in fact, there is no definite line. For god's sake, it's CTF. If you really want to win, boast, win prizes, and remain prideful, go play League or a game with any other competitive setting. You're gonna find the exact same thing:
- People who shit talk
- People who whine
- People who want to win
- Elitists who form teams to win (Cloud 9 *COUGH*)
- Sandbaggers (people who smurf or do not play at their respective rank)
- etc, etc etc.

There is no exception to this, UNLESS, Andi and Acheron are really against the idea of the competition. Concluding that there is absolutely nothing that will benefit from this, no fun, no glory, etc. Again, I'm not trying to force anything, I'm just seeing to as why this is going on. Please correct me if I did not make myself clear or if I overlooked something.

Edit: Sports, if you also don't see a point in the competition at hand, just think: "why do people even compete, why are there any competitions at all?"
It's the exact same reason and mindset. Part of it is pride, growth, skill, elitism, bragging rights, but it's all arbitrary. It's all on how you see it.
How about XENONMAN gives you something to play for:

Check this out

A $25 dollar gift card to HOOTERS to the respective party leaders (Andi or Jacob_) from whoever wins.

How about that?!
I can't really take the other team(s?) seriously, so I guess it's the same for the competition as a whole. I know you weren't around when we had the older tournament, but it was pretty much just the Acheron team vs. 5 people that were available/decent at CTF. I wouldn't see this tournament any differently than I would a regular CTF match with random players. I'll probably sound like a dick when I say this, but...Maybe we can take other 'teams' seriously when they get their shit together and they're worthy of being called a team. Until then, I honestly just consider this whole charade an "Acheron VS. Everyone" sort of thing.

also I don't think they have a Hooters in Argentina

I have a suggestion :b

It's extremely clear to me that Acheron is extremely opposed to this match. (After having read both forums, I think even a blind man can see this.)

I really do think that although previously the tourney was likely to have been created for bragging rights of individual servers, this time it is just for fun. Sure it can be said that we are taking this too seriously by creating the "ideal" team to represent us against the best of Acheron, but if you were in our shoes and had to form a team to counter another, would you send noobs in to be slaughtered or people who can actually play the freaking game? If you are the kind of person who takes pleasure from winning easy games against people who don't even know how to join a team, then I have nothing more to say.

To me, this match is just further dividing the communities. It really would suck to be Crea who got hammered on your forums the way he was. I'm pretty sure in a bit I'll be too but who gives a flying shit.
My suggestion (If you were kind enough to read through this message from a nobody.) is that:
A) we scramble the teams, meaning both teams have players from both sides,
B) we break up the teams and let other people join, meaning there could be 4-6 small teams battling out in something like a battle royale
C) we cancel the match.

Personally I vote for B but this is just my view. I can already see the hate I'm gonna be tossed at for even suggesting A or C, but whatevs. I just hope that we can settle this soon because this may be the biggest CTF event happening for awhile and I really think the concept of it is cool :p Not sure if I'm steeping outta place or on anyone's toes here so if I am sorry.

This is actually a really good suggestion. I think that since there was an old tournament, I think Acheron sees this as "Jacobs_ team wants to try and win, since last time they lost, and they just want to brag."

However, I believe that taking a few players from each team (at random) and switch them. Therefore, it's not really "Acheron vs Jacobs_" it's more of "Team 1 vs Team 2" and no one can really see which community is better.
Mhm, a good compromise to the problem at hand. Although, there could be a few complications so expand it a bit. For now, we could do an exclusive scramble from both sides with just the two teams. But what about others that actually want to play? Why don't both parties hold a large event of a CTF tournament. This time, let's let people who want to play sign up. And those signed up are randomized like you said, through random sampling. This way, more people get to enjoy the experience of a CTF tournament, since there's only been a handful.

Another issue is that the randomized teams might cause problems between players who don't get along. Should we give the right to move problematic individuals through Andi and Jacob_? Or should we let them be, since it's a randomized event.

This is a great idea that T97 brought up. Better than salvaging an endless amount of arguments between two parties. So let's see where we can go with this.
Jacob_ on the Acheron forum Wrote:I can't find anything in my server logs about this. But no one told me about it either so it was probably some unoffical "let's fight!" kind of thing.

Either way there's no reason to argue about it. Although it's probably too late to say that based on the passionate walls of text on here and the other forum. Just decide if you want to fight or not and if both sides want to I can set something up.

And I don't know what happened at any of the previous tournaments, but as of yesterday it should be impossible to lag-kill people or capture the flag after dying.
Well... I wouldn't call it "impossible" :b
(This just happened lols)
This all started when Andi had made the remark about if anyone would like to challenge Team Acheron for fun.

Just wanted to clear that up.

And I haven't been in a tournament so I do wish that I could at least participate in one.
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