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Full Version: Acheron vs. Jacob_'s Team
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Acheron gaming has challenged us to fight them in a Capture the Flag tournament. The event is still in the makings but a Clan is to be made in order to combat Acheron.

Our Current Team/Clan Roster*:
IDuelZero - Striker
MarsKid - Striker
Jackhound - Striker
FluffyFlying - Striker

SkyPyrus - Midfield
LoveYouAlot - Midfield

Maximumride - Defense
Creatoss - Defense

AKohn - Midfield (Reserve)
2k10 - Defense (Reserve)

*List subject to change.

To join please apply to either Creatoss or Maximumride67!

We still have yet to come up with a name for the team! Please leave suggestions down below!
WOOOO lets win this guys!
You should have Sky down as a reserve, we currently have 9 players :P
If we're having it here I could make some modifications if needed, like a separate leaderboard or playing to 7 instead of 5.

You might find some ideas in this thread about the other tournament that I was going to organize ages ago, although it never happened since no one could agree on teams: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1087...ournament/
If you need a ref, I'll be more than happy to do so.
Are we gonna make a specific map for this? That would be cool.

Otherwise, we'd need to pick a good balanced map.
Me and Andi are setting this up almost like the tourney I was going to have, It's a 2 out of 3 round.

Each team picks a map, and the 3rd map is the random map.

We all know Acheron is going to pick Subway.

What should our map be?
OUTPOST! ok just kidding... One with a lot of good hiding spots so we can backstab or I don't know.
team name: Team Jacob_ :3

Sector9 is my choice. Lots of good mining opportunities, backstabbing spots, etc. The defenders have a good position to block attacks, midfielders can easily hold the bridges and the strikes can either parkour the water or circle around to the flag.
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