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Full Version: Server Update Log
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  • Fixed flag disappearing if the flag carrier left
  • Fixed dropped flags sometimes being impossible to pick up
  • CC users now have their skins
  • Flags dropped during anti stalemate mode are now instantly returned
  • Made it impossible for ops to accidentally play while using /hide
  • Fixed /rtv
  • Renamed the map "217" to "mineshafts"
  • Removed micro, castles, warsphere, kruugis and templegrounds
  • Fixed flag position on desert
Forgot one: AFK people are kicked after 5 minutes
  • You can only be kicked for being AFK if the server is full
  • Chats containing map names are now blocked during voting
  • Fixed bug where you could nominate multiple maps
  • /ban and /xban work for offline players now
  • Most commands which take a playername work for partial names now (if I was online and no one else had "ja" in their name, you could say "/kick ja" to kick me [but don't do that])
  • Fixed bug where maps nominated during failed /rtv would still show up at the end of the game
  • The current and previous maps are now never put up for voting, and can't be nominated.
  • New players now have to read the instructions and rules before chatting or joining a team
  • Added a /helpop command the sends a message to all online operators
  • Added some protection against "lag pillaring": Players who build out of bounds too much are warned and then kicked.
  • Added maps: pit, battle, central, area11
  • Fixed spawns on ultiduo
  • Improved ClassiCube support: Now CC users will only have a * after their name if it has already been used by someone on Minecraft.net. You can log in from your Minecraft account and say /cc to remove it.
  • Added /reload command to reload maps and settings without restarting the server.
  • Added /clients command that shows which client everyone is using (Classicube, WoM or Minecraft.net)
  • Added /b command to see who last changed a block
  • Improved chat word wrapping
  • Ops can't delete op blocks unless they say /solid first
I think I fixed the lag-related bug where you could sometimes respawn with the flag.
I think I also fixed lag killing. Now when someone dies they should immediately go back to the spawn, no matter how slow their connection is.
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